Ronja Rikissa Art


I work as a visual marketing designer at Tilke. Oy and Toiska is our client. 
I've designed new banners for their websites and also
for Toiskan Filosofia's (a book)
Facebook-sites. The co-operation continues. 

Other things I've done for them, but will publish later:

- The visual design and materials for a fair event (banderols, roll ups, flyers etc.)

- The logo, symbol and graphic instructions of Terapeuttinen Talli

- The visual design of Terapeuttinen Talli's new websites

- Edited pictures for social media (double exposure)

 - Facebook-advertising for Toiskan Filosofia (book)

- Product pictures for Toiskan Filosofia

- Visual designs for car tapes

Banners for websites

Banners for Facebook-pages

Pictures for social media