Ronja Rikissa Art

I am Ronja, a South-Ostrobothnian illustrator, artist and graphic designer living and working in Tampere, Finland.

I mostly work with ink, but also love to spice it up with watercolors and gouaches. I do digital art and print design too.

My inspiration comes from nature, ancient Finnish and Scandinavian mythology and living a slower and more joyful life.

I have a degree in SME Business Management and will also very soon have one in Cultural Management,

in which I focus my studies on visual design and illustration. I also studied illustration and design

in the University of Wolverhampton, England (School of Art), during spring 2018. I worked as a
designer trainee in an advertising agency called Mainostoimisto Ilme in Tampere for 6 months during 2019.

Along with these I have a strong experience in marketing, since I've worked as an expert

in Internet-marketing and social media in between my degrees.  I have strong skills

in content creating and digital advertising in many different platforms. 
These skills help a lot in creating professional visual designs and

illustrations that truly catch the eye of a customer.

Whether you need an illustrator, graphic designer, project worker

or a diverse professional in the field of marketing and culture, feel free to contact me!